Personal Style: Prints and Wide Leg Pants.

No shame in my recycling game! 

I wore this top (it has a pair of matching pants) to church on my birthday about two months ago 

Don’t you just hate when a picture is taken from a high angle making you look so damn short.

…and I thought to myself as usual that I have to find a way to recycle this outfit without looking exactly the same. Voila! 

I’d be wearing the pants in another post – that’s 3 outfits for the price of one (technically, cos I already had these other stuff)

The outfit was made by Yours Truly… I’ve been working on my brand for a while now and I cannot wait to show you guys when it’s ready. 

The pants and shoes are Zara, the purse is from Bershka


How I Tie My Turban (Pictorial)


So we all know our hair cannot be – permit me to use this phrase – “on fleek” all the time. Especially if you are a naturalista like me and it is a constant struggle when your hair is in twists or rollers or you are deep conditioning and you have to leave the house. Surely, you can not step out like that, except you really want to channel that look. But, if you’re trying to remain cute without taking out your twists when they are not fully dry, resulting in puffy frizzy hair, this pictorial is for you! 

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