Street Style: Berets

As with every other fashion trend, The Beret has found its way back into our closets (and hearts).

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Personal Style: MFW Day 3

One of my favorite days so far.

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Personal Style: MFW Day 2

Day 2.

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Personal Style: MFW Day 1

Day 1 has come and gone.

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Street Style – Viviana Volpicella

So Milan Fashion Week has officially begun and I have been (and will be) going for a few shows to take street style snaps.

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All The Street Style Snaps From Milan Fashion Week

Asides from the fashion shows and discovering new trends, my other favorite part of fashion week is street style snaps… Because, everyone is on their best behavior, style-wise. No, milanese people don’t play.

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Personal Style: Recap of Milan Fashion Week.

Hi loves!

It was a crazzzzy Milan Fashion Week and the crazier the better, I guess… I am feeling under the weather presently from all the stress and stuff but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. All I need is a lot of rest and a lot of liquids and I’ll be back and better… 😀

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