Personal Style: Another Double Denim Outfit

So, yesterday, in the middle of the night came this thunderstorm and rain that blew winds strong enough to raise literal roofs. Ah! Thank God.. Some good weather it would be during the day, I thought.


Yes! 24 degrees and I already fixed my fav denim jacket (I recently just learned it is called a Shacket – an amalgamation of shirt and jacket.. No, I won’t be calling it that) somehow into my #ootd. 

Classic rookie mistake.

When the sun decided to grace us with its presence, I had no recollection of the thunderstorm barely 12 hours ago.

I wore this to the Fashion Business Series organized by Lagos Fashion and Design Week Yesterday..


And guess what? I shot street style! That will come in a later post, however. I hope I get to go for more of these fashion events cos I have missed street style so much.



I wonder how I look in this interview video

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