Where To Go In Lagos: Kalakuta Museum

Hey people!

Been quite the long ass minute, hasn’t it?

I took an unauthorized hiatus from the blog because I was rounding up my program in school and I was hosting my mum in Milan and I was preparing to move back to Nigeria (I promise, I’ll talk all about it on the blog soon) so I did not have any interesting content as all I wore was tees and jeans with a parka – not kidding, everyday.

So, now that I have finally moved back and settled in a bit, I am going to bombard you lovely people with content (you don’t deserve to go through this, I promise :().

I’m starting this new section of Where To Go in Lagos (WTGIL, sorta like WWTBAM or KUWTK hahaha I can’t believe the things I find funny), and my first stop was the Kalakuta Republic or the Kalakuta Museum as it is called now. Simply put, it was home to the legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti when he was alive – my dad was the ultimate fan so I had that love transferred to me, so it was the utmost honor to see where he lived and made music.

Located at Gbemisola Street, Ikeja Lagos is the unmistakably cream-colored building with the inscription “Kalakuta Museum” on it.

Inside, we met with a “tour guide” to whom we had to pay 500 naira each to for the tour of the three-storey building with a bar/restaurant/grill on the roof.

Family portraits welcomed you on the stairwell..


The Legend himself. This photo reminds me so much of a young Muhammed Ali.

Fela with his mum, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti

Fela and his 27 wives 
Then we were taken to his room – we weren’t allowed to enter, of course but I heard that the room was left in the state it was when he died in 1997.



And his shoessss… He apparently had a pair for every outfit. Talk about a man with style!


His Guitar

And keyboard…
And scattered all over the house were paintings of him and lyrics of his songs..



These could totally be wallpapers, no?
Then we watched Seun – his son – perform for a couple of minutes



Took a picture with him, of course!


Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s grave.
So, if you’re ever short on where to go in Lagos, you’re welcome. :p


7 thoughts on “Where To Go In Lagos: Kalakuta Museum

  1. Hi ‘Denike,

    This was very interesting. thank you for sharing. Fela remains a legend as far as both the Nigerian Socio-political and music scenes are concerned. It was nice to see this side of his life.

    Have a lovely weekend.


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