Street Style: Berets

As with every other fashion trend, The Beret has found its way back into our closets (and hearts).

After I read about the comeback of the beret here on Cassie’s Blog, I started seeing them everywhere (a la the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon) while I shot street style.

I have always had doubts because I wore them every Sunday as a child in the choir with my lowcut hairstyle (and slightly enormous head) and it wasn’t the most flattering thing. But I have been willing to try, recently…

Check out the photos below maybe they will inspire you as they did me.

This cute mum-to-be.
In leather? Genius!
I like how all the colours kind of coordinate on this look! 
Could you say pop of colour?!

Which is your fav look and would you be trying the beret anytime soon?


7 thoughts on “Street Style: Berets

  1. Berets are back hmmmm, interesting, would love to see your choir girl beret look, haha! Berets and me are not friends, I get they are supposed to give a French chic vibe but they dont like me, they dont flatter me in any way…tisgh…cool beret pics though, especially the leather one! ( :

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