Personal Style: MFW Day 2

Day 2.

All black with a pop of prints to avoid looking too funeral-ey… Told you guys that you’ll see a lot of that purse. Haha.


I would have loved to wear heels with this outfit but its a shame that I will not be able to wear heels for a while as I got bad blisters from the last time I wore heels. (What are your favorite home made remedies for good ol’ shoe blisters?)



Anyway my brogues are super comfy as they aren’t covered in all patent leather, some parts are just plain fabric which is both cool and comfy as heck! So I was able to run around between school and shooting street style – it was the best decision I made yesterday.

Stradivarius Coat and Brogues, Purse from an arts and craft market.

What do you think of this look? What would you have done differently?


4 thoughts on “Personal Style: MFW Day 2

  1. I’m liking this tailored look and wouldnt have done anything differently per se…I was in Topshop in their shoe area and saw these fab cherry red patent brogues, so I’d love to pair them with your outfit….oooh and a pair of golden brogues I saw on ASOS recently. ( :

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