#5DaysofDenim – The Shirt

Miss me?

The weather isn’t getting any better – that’s why I haven’t been able to shoot any pictures so far – and this feels like the expression “it’s always darkest before the dawn”…

The dawn (i.e Spring) can’t come any sooner, honestly. Imagine a time when I could wear skirts without worrying about freezing my legs off without a pair of tights? Seems so far away..
I have worn the dress, the white pants and the dungarees, now I’m giving this shirt a run for its money’s worth.


It was originally men’s shirt but I don’t even know what that means anymore as some of my favorite pieces come from there. (Seriously, there are gems in the men’s section of stores, trust me). 


One more #DenimDay to go… What do you want it to be?

Shirt: B.F Hommes || Skirt: Thrifted || Sneakers: Berskha


Photos by Fernanda Alvarado


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