#5DaysofDenim – Dungarees

So, the weather is deteriorating.

Just after I thought the weather was getting better, we went back to those dreadful, early January days of clouds and endless long faces. I try so hard to enjoy winter but deep down, I know I’ll be wayy happier under my duvet, watching Modern Family with an endless supply of fries.

Anyway, here is the third day of my personal challenge to wear denim for 5 days (catch the previous here and here)


Dungarees and Jumpsuits sound like good ideas until you have to pee in public.



I actually wore a pair the day before but I wasn’t really satisfied with the look so I just let it go but I’ll put it here for the sake of it…


So which outfit do you prefer? First or second? I really appreciate your feedback, like, you have no idea. Thank you. Also, if you have an idea of something you want me to style (for the denim series or something else) please leave it as a comment…


1st outfit – Turtleneck top, Dungarees from Zara || Bucket bag from Pull & Bear

2nd outfit – Top and Coat from Stradivarius || Dungarees also from Zara

Photos by Fernanda Alvarado


13 thoughts on “#5DaysofDenim – Dungarees

  1. I’ll probably be the only one who’ll choose this, but the second look does it for me (maybe with different shoes).
    Also love the first look. Because black. Because knee high boots.


    I think it’s my first time leaving a comment on your blog. Loveet! Well done.

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    1. Haha!! I was having second thoughts about the second look as well – like, maybe it’s not so bad and it’s all in my head. Thanks for stopping by!! I appreciate.


  2. Love the first look because of the ripped knees and the boots. Literally want to step into the outfit. Would love to see you style bootcut jeans in a casual outfit (if you have already, then share the link please.) well done, b.

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