#5DaysofDenim – White Pants

There’s just something about white.

Following my initial post about #5DaysofDenim here, I said I was going to wear denim for 5 days.

White pants.

I feel like these are usually overlooked in the world of denim… And they seem to be my favorite. If not for the fact that I’m super clumsy and the stress of taking care of whites, I’d probably wear white everyday. White pants.


Can you believe that this pair is full length for other people? That’s what you get for being 6ft tall with amazingly long legs ^_^


I’m wearing a Clayton button down shirt || Tally Weijl pants and bag || Stradivarius Hat and Coat || New Look shoes.



20 thoughts on “#5DaysofDenim – White Pants

    1. Thank you!! Me too! And I can be real clumsy. Makeup, a dusty bag… Something just tends to happen. But white will always have a space in my heart as long as bleach exists 😂


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