Personal Style: Laine Et Perles

First outfit post of the year! Yay!

Have you seen my interview on here?

You guys know how much I value T-shirts and as I have already said here and here, it’s no news that I’m at home with these outfits.


These tees are from a London based apparel/accessories based label, Laine et Perles. This brand is inspired by the love of idiosyncratic fashion fused with eclectic, street style providing voguish, urban yet understated luxury products. Also, beautifully hand crafted accessories with the utmost attention to detail, each piece drips super stylish opulence, which captivates both men and women.

T-shirt collection includes designs that relate to Lagos and how the name ‘Lagos’ came about and if you know me well, you’ll know that Lagos is my home (actually home-sick right now) so these tees make me feel close to home.

The Lago De Curamo Eko O Ni Baje Tee (which is  a play on words – a mix of Portuguese and Yoruba “1472 Lago De Curamo Eko o ni baje” which phases out the old and re-iterates the new)


The Balogun Lagos Tee is a parody of the infamous Balmain Paris tee.


Which Tee is your fav?

For more info on this brand; | | Instagram: @laineetperles



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