Happy New Year!

Yoohoo!!! We Made it!

How has it been four days already since we got into the new year? How have you been spending yours? Any new resolutions?

Mine are pretty simple,

1. To make a conscious effort to be happy regardless of situations because I don’t function well with negative energy.

2. When there’s a situation, I shouldn’t keep complaining and whining – either I fix it or keep quiet.

3. Keep smiling.

4. Take my life/career more seriously. (I’ll keep adding as the year goes by)

I’m back in Milan now ready for the last lap of school with mixed feelings. Fingers crossed.

Here are some of my outfits from Portugal (some were taken with the iPhone camera):



Can you believe this was my first time eating cotton candy???


And just generally interesting pictures I took during my stay:


This was the where the “Bom Jesus” cathedral was situated which I couldn’t go to see because it kept raining constantly. 😦


Cock-Stallion? I wonder.

Looking forward to an amazing 2016 with you guys! Let’s make it count ❤


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