6 Classic Shoe Styles Every Woman Should Own.

This is by no means an instructional list… But, I was just thinking like if you needed to have one of each style of shoes, which are the most important? Like which ones will you never be able to do without? This is my list.

I might actually be lacking in some aspects ( 😦 )

  1. Ballet Flats

Known for their comfort and functionality – you can wear it anywhere, depending on what it looks like. Also very easy to put in your purse for when your feet hurt from wearing heels all night.



2. Pointed Toe Pumps

To add that extra oomph to your outfits… Can be worn to work, school, weddings, party – pretty much anywhere.



3. Ankle Strap Sandals

Sandals are a little more fun than the pumps – flirty date with the new interest? Night out with the girls? The Ankle Strap got you.


4. Oxfords

They’re great for adding a menswear vibe to outfits and can also be pretty much worn with anything – going full menswear inspired or just giving your outfit an edge?



5. Sneakers

One can never own too many sneakers with the number of shapes and hues out there. Some are even multipurpose – meaning you can go running in them and still wear them with dresses if it feels right. And they’re so comfortable.



6. Boots

This really depends on where you live but some cut-out boots can work in any weather. But I’m sure everyone in cold regions has to own one of these babies. There’s one for everything – rain, snow…


So, did I miss anything? Notice anything missing? Tell us in the comments!


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