Designer Focus: Nkwo

Lagos Fashion and Design Week has come and long gone with so many designers and their new collections down the runway. And while I had a field day scrolling through Instagram/Bella Naija, a particular designer caught my attention – Nkwo.

The designer showed on the 4th day of the fashion week and I felt it was the perfect wrap up for the event. I really really admired the creativity behind the collection as it featured reconstructed denim some with frays, also as turbans which gave this free-spirited vibe. Influenced heavily not only by traditional aesthetics – as with some of the fabrics used in the collection – but also by modern cuts and materials such as mesh and silk.

View the collection below:

IMG_1582 IMG_1591 IMG_1601 IMG_1612 IMG_1624 IMG_1636 IMG_1649 IMG_1662 IMG_1674 IMG_1686 IMG_1564 IMG_1574


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