Editorial: Nike Classic Cortez x All The Pretty Birds

If you follow any of my social media accounts (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook), you’d know I have been going over the moon about this editorial and I absolutely have every right to be.

My boss (Tamu Mcpherson) at alltheprettybirds.com was commissioned with shooting the editorial for the relaunch of the Classic Nike Cortez and she decided to shoot some of the young girls surrounded by her


i.e Kristi Veliaj (her personal assistant)

Kristi Veliaj
Kristi Veliaj
Me (Her Intern)


Mariangela Filippin (Stylist Assistant for Viviana Volpicella)

Mariangela Filippin
Mariangela Filippin
and Chiara Radice (Stylist Assistant).

Chiara Radice
Chiara Radice
See some of the photos here:

DenikeAdegboye5 DenikeAdegboye4 DenikeAdegboye3 DenikeAdegboye2 DACR3 DACR2 DACR1 CortezGroup2 2DenikeAdegboye4 2DenikeAdegboye3 2DenikeAdegboye2 2DenikeAdegboye1 2CortezGroup2 2CortezGroup1 DenikeAdegboye6


Photos by Tamu Mcpherson. For more information and more photos, see the full editorial on alltheprettybirds.com


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