Maximize Your Wardrobe With These 6 Tips

Ever had to say this phrase when you’re looking for what to wear to work/class/event “I have nothing to wear”? I know I have used it many a times to avoid going out with my girlfriends, which is usually followed by several side-eyes.


But, if you honestly have the issue of finding what to wear because you honestly can’t find anything befitting, I’ve got these few tips to help you (they helped me).

  • Invest in basics


I always, always, talk about how important basics are in every wardrobe. Do not underestimate the power of a proper tee. Read all about my escapades with them here, here, here, herehere and here.

  • Try picking your outfits before you need them

This helps a lot because it does not put you in the spot or under any pressure. You have the time to look through the clothes you don’t have to find an outfit you didn’t think you had.

  • Write these outfit ideas down

This is a follow up for the last point. I used this in preparation for MFW and it worked like a miracle. I knew I was going to have a busy week ahead and I picked out 8 outfits (1 extra just incase) for the week and based on the fact that I know that I can’t leave those outfits out of my closet and I may forget what exact way I styled them, I wrote them down. Trust me, it works.

  • Instagram (Follow me Here)

As much as we hate to be repeat offenders so often, we tend to forget some old outfits. Go through your old Instagram pictures and you’ll be surprised with how much clothes you have… Repurpose them and style them in a different way. That way, you won’t feel so guilty about being a repeat offender.

  • Pinterest (Follow me Here)

There’s a whole world of researching to be done on Pinterest. Search keywords of what you are looking for.. E.g “What to wear to work”, “Outfits for first day of school” and be inspired. (You’re welcome)

  • Shopping

This is my fav fashion advice, “if you can’t think of 3 ways to wear it, do not buy”… So keep this in mind when you are buying new clothes. It will save you a lot of closet space and money.


These are my mechanisms for maximising my wardrobe… What do you do when you have Stylist Block? Tell us in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Maximize Your Wardrobe With These 6 Tips

  1. I make sure I hang my clothes so I can see the available assortment all at once. That way, I don’t forget all the clothes that I own. The only problem is that the more I buy, the less I see. I think I need to expand my hanger.

    I’ll definitely be investing in more basics, this month.

    Thanks Adenike Milanista.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t hang all of mine cos I might need a new apartment. But I try also to fold them according to categories. Dresses, skirts, pants. Etc. it’s easy to go through once in a while to refresh your memory about what you have. Thanks for stopping by my love 😘


  2. Yo! Denike, topics like this are very much needed from time to time. I am a huge fan of hanging rather than folding because i get to see them all at once. It is easier to repeat plain colored than patterned pieces. This inspires me to write a blogpost …..


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