September Wishlist

Wake me up, when September ends…
September wishlist

I finally resume school and I don’t have to sit home all day anymore… I have put together a wishlist for “back to school as you can see by the backpack that I so desperately need because I have a lot of papers/textbooks/art instruments I take to school and using a tote is telling on one shoulder.

I picked up a duster coat because Fall is unofficially here and there will be some cold days, also killing that with the cut out boots I have styled with colorful socks in my head. I want to go dancing in that fringe dress.

I have no reason for wishing for the sneakers, except for that they’re sneakers. And the square oversized sunglasses, ugh, kill me. Ever since I cut my hair, I’ve been excited to get a hat because, they can now fit my size xl head. Also, some concealer to enhance my highlight and contour skills.

What about you? See anything you like?

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