Bandana Drama

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Bandana don’t want no drama. (Lame!)

Hi there lovely people!

How is it going? August is almost over and I absolutely regret not doing anything this summer as it’s getting cool in this part of town already… Anyhoo, there will be more summers.

Moving on! Have you been looking to take your outfits up a notch, you know to give it that oomph(how’s this pronounced?) effect withough trying too much? I think we have the perfect answer… The bandanas.

A brief history:

The bandana had many uses, most notably as a dust mask while driving cattle kicking up dirt.  It could also be used as earmuffs in cold weather, as protection from sunburn on the neck, as a pot holder for hot pots or branding irons, as prevention against snow blindness in winter, a tourniquet or sling in case of injury and just in case they were planning to rob the stage, it made a nifty mask!.  Red was the most common color and it could be made of silk, cotton or linen.

(Thank you

The good thing now is that our good ladies over here at bloggersville have shown us other ways to rock our bandanas other than covering our noses from dust while riding a horse in Texas.


Here, Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad has made a good head band out of a bandana


Here, Aimee Song of Song Of Style has tied it on her neck but with a twist, literally, to the back.


Wrap it on your bag for some classic twist

That's a wrap. @hermes #Hermes #Kelly

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You can wear it as a hand accessory thingy(I honestly did not know what I was doing) like I did here

no fancy caption, just thought it was a pretty picture

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Or if all fails, tie it on your pet’s neck.


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    1. Thanks love! I just copied the link of the exact picture on Instagram and pasted it in the post. But I don’t know if it works the same way for blogger. No harm in trying though.

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