Beat The Rainy Season With These Maxi Cardigans

All Aboard Maxi Cardi
All Aboard Maxi Cardi

Once again, the rains are upon us. Some of us love it and some don’t like it very much. Personally, I’m not really a big fan of rain (as much as I know it is needed or whatever) I just feel so ugh the whole day… Not forgetting that we have to deal with carrying an umbrella and then battling with the chilly wind that comes with it.

If you are grumpy like me, I have found the solution to one of the problems. No, not umbrellas. Maxi cardigan. They’re a win-win because, they can take almost* any outfit from drab to fab and they keep you warm enough during the rainssss.

Tip: Mix textures and stay stylish with not-black cardigans, think stripes or prints.

Shop our edit below:

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All Aboard Maxi Cardigan

Asos Grey Maxi Cardigan

Asos Maxi Cardigan

Billabong Maxi Cardigan

Brave Soul Maxi Cardigan

Missguided Maxi Cardigan

New Look Maxi Cardigan

Somedays Maxi Cardigan


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