How Not To Wear A Body-Con Dress


Hi guys, how is your week going? I definitely hope it is better than mine because all i’ve done in the last one week is lock myself indoors.

Update on August holidays: Still no activity. At this rate I will become obese because, all I do is eat and sleep and watch Big Bang Theory (any fans here?)


So about this outfit… I’m not really a fan of “body hugs” as 18th century Nigerian parents will call it. I mean, like I said in this post, I value my comfort and it is a huge determining factor of my style. So you can imagine how long I have had this dress just sitting in my closet. So, I decided to wear it.


green-4 green-2


Paired it with my DIY shoes that I learnt from this blog  (they’re not exactly the same thing but I got some inspiration) and a choker which really isn’t a choker but was an embellishment from another dress.

I admit this is not really my strong point. So, what do you guys think? How would you have worn it?

Shop The Look:

Dress: H&M, Similar Here and Here

Shoes: Asos (Additional fluff by me) Similar Here or Here





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