Lookbook: Presenting Lisa Folawiyo’s A/W ’15 Collection “A Tale of Journey & Transition”


If you know me well, you will know I go nuts for Lisa Folawiyo and her work! I am obsessed. Literally. This collection is no exception.

With literal translations of the season into the clothing, we see intricate hand-stitching of leaves (signifying autumn), leaf cut hemlines and neck lines. Also, pieces from this collection have been named after synonyms of journey and transition – words like “travel”, “movement”, “direction” and that can be seen on the arrow print fabrics and some embroidered arrows.


I am obsessed with the detailing in this collection.

View the entire collection here:

Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015002 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015003 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015001 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015006 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015007 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015016 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015017 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015009 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015011 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015005 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015013 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015014 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015022 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015020 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015004 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015008 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015019 Lisa-Folawiyo-Autumn-Winter-2015-Bellanaija-July2015021


See anything you like? Tell us in the comments section!


Photography: Sarah Cresswell
To find out more about the collection and the Lisa Folawiyo brand, visit their website: www.lisafolawiyo.com | Follow them on Instagram:@LisaFolawiyo_Studios


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