Happy Feet! Kene Rapu presents Luxury Slippers’ New Collection Collaboration With Yasser


Nigerian footwear designer, Kene Rapu, has released a new collection of slippers For Him, which was a result of a collaboration with Yasser Claud-Ennin, a talented up and coming artist based in Nigeria.

He says, “I have admired the Kene Rapu brand for championing such an initiative: promoting the local industry. I have always followed the brand from its early days, and watched it grow. After I saw the initial mens line, I saw an opportunity to create something high end, cool and contemporary, that would resonate with men of different generations. With the new line, I wanted to create a luxe selection of slippers that are cool, stylish, cozy and smart casual at the same time.”

View the collection below:

Kene-Rapu-Luxury-Footwear-for-Men-BellaNaija-July2015002 Kene-Rapu-Luxury-Footwear-for-Men-BellaNaija-July2015003 Kene-Rapu-Luxury-Footwear-for-Men-BellaNaija-July2015004 Kene-Rapu-Luxury-Footwear-for-Men-BellaNaija-July2015005 Kene-Rapu-Luxury-Footwear-for-Men-BellaNaija-July2015007 Kene-Rapu-Luxury-Footwear-for-Men-BellaNaija-July2015008 Kene-Rapu-Footwear-Collection-BellaNaija-August-2015 Kene-Rapu-Luxury-Footwear-for-Men-BellaNaija-July2015

Find out more about the brand and collection, visit their store – 1a Olajide George street, Lekki phase 1, Lagos

Contact Details:

Call: +234 8161575159 | Send an e-mail to: info@kenerapu.com | Website: www.kenerapu.com | Follow them on Instagram/Twitter: @KeneRapu


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