GQ Features The Nigerian Accessories Designer Who Wants To Infuse Tie-Dye In Your Work Wear.


This reminds me of the saying “Go Bold or Go Home”.

If your office wear is boring and you are in search for the perfect switch to your accessories to amp up your look, do check out this Nigerian label “Post-Imperial” that uses Adire (Tie-Dye) for accessories.


Niyi Okuboyejo left Nigeria for the US at 14 and he explains in the interview with GQ how difficult it was fitting in to the American culture and how he had to build a tough-guy act.

“I learned very fast that being African was not cool. I ended up wearing a lot of masks, pretending to be someone I’m not, and becoming friends with some very not-reputable people,” he says. “But I would lie to my friends and say that I was cutting class to smoke and sell drugs, but I was really going to honors classes.”

Years and years after that experience, he creates a brand that infuses his heritage to make the coolest neck ties/accessories that are actually wearable.

More excerpts from the GQ interview goes “What makes Post-Imperial stand out from your average tie purveyor are its beautiful fabrics, which are made using a Yoruban technique called Adire dyeing. It’s a process so old that there are only a few “master dyers” left in all of Nigeria. Much like old Japanese fabric dyeing techniques, Adire leans heavily on the use of indigo, but generally uses a wider variety of pattern and color. Its cultural roots come from traditional Nigerian ceremonies, where cloths are exchanged at weddings, each with a motif that has specific reference and meaning.”


Read more on GQ. See more on Post Imperial on their site, Here.

Here are some of the accessories:


1407_PostImperial_scarf06_01_d07aa960-afc4-4914-ae6f-3c246cf4936e_1024x1024 0small1406PostImperial_trianglescarf06-02_indigo_1024x1024


1312PostImperial_V_article05_100copy_copy_e3b7e657-2415-40b1-883c-59f229360dc4_1024x1024 0small1406PostImperial_article06-01_indigo_1024x1024 0small1406PostImperial_article06-04_indigo_1024x1024


0small1406PostImperial_tie06-08_indigo_fringed_1024x1024 0small1406PostImperial_tie06-05_lime_fringed_8392b53f-7354-4758-b34b-17bfc476d3f1_1024x1024 0small1406PostImperial_tie06-01_orange_fringed_3a258e26-56cf-4eab-9397-c76158b0303b_1024x1024 1406PostImperial_tie06-07_red_fringed_dbca008a-d354-44a2-ad3a-259cdf7a93c5_1024x1024

Photo Credits: GQ and

So what do you all think? See anything you like?



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