If I Were A Boy.


“I think that title is lame and cliche”… I was explaining to my flatmate (well, because, deciding the title of my blogpost is always a battle).

Hi everyone, hope you all had a fruitful week. Like I did! *insert big grin*

Today’s ootd post is one I really really like because this is my comfort zone. Before I continue, a brief history; I am the only girl child of my

family and I have two older brothers, basically making me their guinea pig. I grew up only recognizing with boys, male fashion, male sports, male friends because they were (still are) my major influences and I was stuck with that even through my teenage years, and it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to say this has helped shape my style so much, as I pick comfort over everything before putting on clothes now. (I’m not complaining, I love it.) Although, this is why I always have an outfit problem for a girls’ night out.

So, I would say this outfit is me. If I could have a uniform, this would be it. Although, I always love to put a feminine touch to it, hence the pumps but I mostly wore a pair of sneakers through the day…

This outfit post was inspired by the pants I got on a whimp at Zara sales! They have turned out to be my favs now.






Shop The Look

Shirt: Clayton (Men’s), Similar Here or Here

Jeans: Zara, Similar Here or Here

Pumps: Bata, Similar Here or Here


What is your style and how did you discover it? Tell us in the comments!

Till next time,




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