How I Tie My Turban (Pictorial)


So we all know our hair cannot be – permit me to use this phrase – “on fleek” all the time. Especially if you are a naturalista like me and it is a constant struggle when your hair is in twists or rollers or you are deep conditioning and you have to leave the house. Surely, you can not step out like that, except you really want to channel that look. But, if you’re trying to remain cute without taking out your twists when they are not fully dry, resulting in puffy frizzy hair, this pictorial is for you! 

NB: Its my first time dabbling into this. I will get better, promise.
Also this is how I tie my turbans most of the time. There are a million and one versions of it but this is how I do mine. 



You start out with a piece of clothing, duh! Preferably Square.


Fold your square into two to form a triangle.


Start out from the back of your head, holding the two ends of your triangle.


Tie it over the third end of the triangular fabric.. LOL


Tie one more time, depending on the length of your fabric. You can tie as much as possible till the fabric is almost exhausted.


Tuck in the remaining fabric from the two ends into the knots so nothing is showing out…


Work your way to folding the third end into the knot neatly


Adjust as you deem fit.


I was really just being extra with this pictureturban-2


Voila! We are done!


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Love, Peace and Loubs!


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