Ring My Bell (Bottoms)


Hi everyone,

I know it has been a while but I have been working to bring the blog back and nooowww, I have! I hope we have some fun together here.

If you know me well, you can say I’m a part-time vintage/retro lover (and other times an on-trend girl – the heart wants what the heart wants) so it is of great joy to me that the 70’s are coming back in fashion i.e with super flares/bell bottoms, super high waists, overalls, dungarees, bandannas and so on..

So what is better than combining two of these trends together with a bell bottomed dungaree?

Found these at Zara during the winter sales at a give away price. They were long which is great because I’m tall and its difficult getting these type of clothing in my length. It’s pretty much sold out right now but there are some other suggestions down below.

I paired mine with a simple white tank, pink sling-back platform sandals and a flower crown for some effect.. (did I hear you say “deep”?)

new-5 new6 new-7 new-9

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ASOS Denim Dungaree Flare with Thigh Rip

Michael Antonio Kaya – Pink Printed Fabric

LEVINA Pink Sling Back Heels

Forever 21 Faux Rose Headband


8 thoughts on “Ring My Bell (Bottoms)

  1. I don’t know how I feel about the dungaree come back seeing as it was one of the major trends of last year. I feel like they didn’t even give it enough time to go away before declaring a come back.
    I’ll still rock mine soon sha :’)

    Though I know what I feel about bell bottoms though, banging!
    Love yours and this look



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