Personal Style: Day 3 of LFDW2016

Hey there! 

Hope your week has been a blast like mine? Today is the final day  Lagos Fashion and Design Week and it’s been such a ride. 

Here’s what I wore for Day 3 while I go prepare for today’s look.   

P.S: I got to the venue really late as I was stuck in traffic so I had to make do with the less than favorable lighting. 

I’m wearing: 

Dress: Sheinside

Jeans and sandals: Bershka

Hat: Asos

Off to Day 4!

Personal Style: Day 2 of LFDW2016

Hi there!!

Day 2 went really well. Also, cos I stayed for the shows. 
P.S: This was my first time of attending a fashion show in Nigeria. Weird, right? 
I’m having real difficulty uploading Street Style photos so I’m going to wait till the end of fashion week and upload them all. 

Anyhoo, this was my #ootd

Channeling my inner Rihanna with the Balenciaga denim jacket 

I’m wearing:

Denim Jacket: Romwe

Ankara print dress: Demure by ‘Denike 

Sandals: Zara

Purse: Vintage from my mum’s closet 

Photos by Henri Uduku

Personal Style: Day 1 of LFDW2016

Lagos Fashion Design Week is here again. Otherwise known as Fashion Christmas for Nigerians. 

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Girls’ Night Out Playlist with the Airtime App. 

Ever wanted to have your girls over ever so often, just so you guys can do karaoke/dance-off to your favorite songs while dressing up for a night out?

Well, me too.

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Personal Style: Prints and Wide Leg Pants.

No shame in my recycling game! 

I wore this top (it has a pair of matching pants) to church on my birthday about two months ago 

Don’t you just hate when a picture is taken from a high angle making you look so damn short.

…and I thought to myself as usual that I have to find a way to recycle this outfit without looking exactly the same. Voila! 

I’d be wearing the pants in another post – that’s 3 outfits for the price of one (technically, cos I already had these other stuff)

The outfit was made by Yours Truly… I’ve been working on my brand for a while now and I cannot wait to show you guys when it’s ready. 

The pants and shoes are Zara, the purse is from Bershka

Personal Style: Dress up/down The Slip Dress. 

Who loves this Boudoir trend as much as I do? (This includes Pyjamas, slip dress and lingerie-inspired tops) Show of hands.

As “demure” as I can be, I think if it’s done right it can be really tasteful. I mean you don’t have to just wear your sexy-times-outfit in public just ‘cos you’re following a trend. The problem with that is, it’s probably gonna come out tasteless and you haven’t embodied the trend, you’re just following it.

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Street Style: Duster Coat

Who said duster coats are only for women?

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