Personal Style: How To Wear Sequins for Day. 

Hi guys! 

How y’all doing!!? 

I’m sure you guys are actually tired of reading my apologies for taking off as much as I do but I’d like to say it’s for a good cause. Can’t wait to tell you guys! Soooon. 
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Personal Style: Do A Little Dance

I usually caption my posts what relates to the outfits but today I wanted to rant a little – hence the title.

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Personal Style: Daniel Wellington/Off Shoulder Action

Couldn’t have gone too long without wearing denim, Could I?

If there is any trend I am obsessed with now, it would be the off-shoulder. It accentuates your shoulders in the best way, which eventually results in you feeling yourself, what could be better?!

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Personal Style: Twenty Six

Hi guys!

Long time it has been. That’s what you get for having a FULL time job and a blog to run. (by full time, I actually mean full time – I get just a day off).

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Street Style: Mesh and Prints.

I can’t help myself when I see a well put together outfit. I usually compliment the wearer or even better when I have my camera on me – I take a photo for memories.

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Lookbook: Knitters of Beautiful Outfits

Budding pret-a-porter label with a knack for urban style, “Knitters of Beautiful Outfits” has unveiled its Introspective collection for 2016.

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Street Style: Traditional With a Twist.

With the advent of social media, it has been really easy to show off creativity to either the admiration or critique of people.

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